Lemon Wedge Hacks

Save the Lemon Wedges!!!

There are so many ways to utilize your left over lemon wedges before throwing them out!


  • Save the lemon wedges!!
  • 1. Rinse your wooden cutting boards with water. Then, sprinkle the cutting board with salt and scrub with the cut side of the lemon wedge. Rinse with warm water one last time and you have a clean cutting board!
  • 2. After cooking, put your lemon wedges down your sink drain. Run water in the sink and turn on the garbage disposal. This will help cleanse the drain of leftover waste and have your kitchen smelling like freshly squeezed lemonade!
  • 3. Put your lemon wedges in a bowl of water. Put in the microwave for 3-4 minutes. Next, your microwave will be steamy with a fresh lemon smell. Wipe out your microwave with a dry cloth. Now you have a clean and great smelling microwave without using toxic chemicals!
  • 4. Create a cleaner for cleaning day! Use your lemons in a reusable spray bottle. Add 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water. Now you have an easy, cheap and effective spray cleaner! (This can also be used with lemon essential oils which does the trick just as well)
  • 6. When cleaning windows, cut out the vinegar and you have a cleaner to clean glass surfaces!
  • 5. Lemons kill insects!! Squeeze along your window seals!

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