In a Web Development course at UGA, I learned how to code, utilize Bootstrap and master WordPress. Currently, I still keep up with one of my class projects, a recipe website. There is still so much work to do, however it keeps me accountable in working with WordPress and learning new techniques.

There is still much to perfect and learn with WordPress, but it is such a valuable skill to know how to use. So, why not keep up with my cooking recipes and keep up with my WordPress skills?

I started this project from scratch and utilized different plugins for various things. I plan to keep updating this site with more recipes and fresh features. Click on the button to take you to the recipe website!

In this project I learned how to use Bootstrap. In panel one, I created on my own from scratch. Panel two was strictly learning how to use Bootstrap, while Panel three was using Bootstrap and learning how to customize the Bootstrap as well. Bootstrap was really neat to learn, but difficult to customize, or learn how to customize the Bootstrap at least. This project was a great learning curve which I am proud of how much I learned in a short period of time. Click on the button to see the panels I worked on through Bootstrap.